Download Heatline C28 manual. You have chosen to download this manual. Heatline C28, please click on the PDF link below. The boiler’s ‘Log Book’ must be completed at each Service visit. By means of a manual switch the C24/C28 can be set to operate in one of two operating modes, . Boiler Manuals for the Heatline Compact C28 appliance.

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In Stock – Next Day Delivery. Make sure that the sensor is clipped to the tube F72 Permanent temperature difference between flow and return heating sensors Verify temperature sensors connections.

Release the main gas connection between the gas valve supply tube amnual gas inlet valve, retaining the washer for use on reassembly. The sensors electrical resistance that dependent on temperature monitors also the current that is going through the control potentiometers.

Log in or Sign up. Re-set function Whenever boiler gets locked out, you should verify the gas supply and ionisation probe position. Were we able to answer your question s? The CH temperature sensor located on the return pipe should now be removed 7.

Checkout our Plumbers Insurance area – heavily discounted Public Liability Insurance and Van Insurance specifically designed for plumbers. Sensor should be removed by using 13 mm spanner 5. While doing this lift the panels up 5.

Users found this page by searching for: Verify the boards reference F71 Flow heating temperature sensor fault Verify the sensor connections. Hot water will manuak till the faucet is closed. If you remove the motor head you can see if the gland has been leaking. Disconnect the leads from the sensor as shown on the picture below.


The fan is activated at the beginning of each ignition cycle.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Port valve can be found on the hydro-block.

Ideal Mini C28

Login Checkout as guest Register. Your boiler should work reliably for a number of years mamual it is serviced annually, however occassionaly faults can occur. The diverter valve can be operated manually to test. Gain General Access -remove outer case front panel 3. CBF 14 Nov I took the cover off checked the connections on the “overheat stat” as i was touching them the boiler started up flashing light went out boiler ok again at least for another day. heafline

For the C24 and C28 you can reset it by adjusting the power dial to the “9pm” position for 30 seconds heaatline then returning it to its previous position. You can also find more information by downloading and checking the user manual below.

Release all screws connecting the fan mmanual the fan-hood. Remove the front panels by swinging them. Verify that the eBus controls are fitted and wired correctly. Verify the operation of the condensate pump F83 No water in the installation: That can be achieved by fitting dip switch number 5 into the position ON.

Heatllne boiler problem Pinkeric21 Junin forum: It is important to take your time to find the correct boiler spares for the job.

Heat Line C28 Manuals

Re-assemble the boiler in reverse order Pump replacement 1. Latest news View our blog with the latest news from Direct Heating Spares.

Verify that there are no leaks F84 Permanent temperature difference between flow and return heating sensors Verify temperature sensors connections.


Release the union connections on the connection pipes, retaining the washers for re-assembly 6. All usable parts like washers, igniters etc will be replaced. Put the front panel aside for the time of work performed.

Heatline | Literature

View your documents Cancel. Yes, my password is: Remove the clop on the pump body and then release the pipe of the expansion vessel as shown on the picture below.

Locate the central heating sensor — it is on left side of the combustion chamber on heatlins outlet of the primary heat exchanger as shown on the manal below 4. Agile11 Oct Existing energy customers Manage your energy Moving home.

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When the boiler is intended for use with LPG it must not be installed in a room or internal space below ground level!

The CH was switched on prior to this. Is he really a gas registered boiler repairer? You can use the user manual for detailed instructions on how this is checked.

Fault memory will allow you to display up to 10 most recent fault codes. While waiting for a replacement part the insurance happened to call out and change the DHW sensor as this was the one flashing on the front panel and showing up as the error.

Boiler parts Each Heatline boiler is equipped with following additional parts: Make sure that all electrical connections are fit into the right home. Remove the pump body from the hydraulic assembly by releasing the clip.