I have had an old printer copy of the IIH for a dozen years now (just a The first book by Franz Bardon to be published was “Initiation Into. Has any one worked through Franz Bardons Initiation Into Hermetics? If so what have been your results? Thanks Simon. No Ads Open Source Portal & the , home of Franz Bardon Initiation Into Hermetics Theory & Practice Forum. Here you can .

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It has taken me forty-five years to find a meditation that would free me of that kind of negativity. You could make another metaphor like, fganz are driving at a high speed down the highway, do you want to stop and look at a billboard for Hooters, knowing perfectly well that it’s just a sign, and risk a high speed collision? Eliminating war is a similar enterprise.

If you find more than items, then iiu of continuing on indefinitely, limit your efforts to two weeks. It refers to insight and realization in the widest, most general and most abstract way possible. Bardon and Lomer were for some time member of the same circle in Prague It was very useful. In the Step One work, the focus is upon taking stock. Another sort of distraction is that you will be tempted to pursue the thoughts that arise in your mind.

This site uses cookies. To summarize, to overcome problems inherent in self-education you have to devise different ways of testing yourself. So I think it becomes obvious why in order to know Dharma you have to have wide experience, and then it is obvious why if having wide experience is useful, it’s good to practice diverse methods, at least some time.

Some work out for six hours every day for decades. Their understanding of human nature is shaped by the ideas of a tiny intellectual community originating over here in the Western world. After all, astrologers will talk about the traits you have from looking at your natal chart.


Perhaps the easiest way to reach the emptiness of mind is to go by stages. We humans perceive astral beings differently bardpn we each process our perceptions through different minds.

Especially find questions and answers related to the chapter you are working on. During a mental journey however, there will be no physical-like sensations. While the best way to answer these questions is for the student to meditate and consider and come to the answers on their own, this seldom satisfies the beginner and many will put the book aside out of frustration.

And also, what problems crop up that prevent students from getting through the exercises at various levels?

Franz Bardons Hermetics – An Interview with William Mistele: Part 1

Even if you have made some progress in the past and then set aside the work for an extended period of time, still do not skip this task — a repeat of it may go very quickly for you, but still it should not be skipped. But at a certain point, my body and nervous system refuse to cooperate.

Astral equilibrium is not something to work at and then move on. But this blog, Facebook, and other venues are obvious breaches in my fortress whereby people can find me and have conversations.

The CEF diagram is a simplified picture of the Frnz Magnet and helps immensely in the understanding of it. The second set of recommendations concerns the establishment of a daily regimen of exercise. A Death on Diamond Mountain: This includes, but is not limited to, sensation physical and emotionalself-observation, collation of data sensory or rationaland the capacity for devotion.

After a little discussion it became clear that his feelings about homosexuality had nothing to do with magic, per se. I have, over the years, gone through this Step One procedure three times. The Fluids are the root of the Elements Fire and Water. This is true because the actual techniques of self-change that you will be working with are not dependant upon the Elements themselves.


And this is pretty much then your question—Should I go on or spend more time deepening an exercise I feel I have already worked through? In the on-line discussion board, the question recently arose as to whether the beings of the Elements are metaphorical and contained in the Psyche, or whether they are independent entities.

You just have to listen. And there is the physical level of training. But I think, it depends on the reader The potential benefits to one’s health are undeniable but this is not an essential part tranz learning magic.

Psychologists do not ask people to strive for such balance. No more than any other system of inner training. It can if you let it be. Posted April 27, Writing your lists by hand upon paper personalizes the process and makes it considerably more intimate.

While baron are analogously related, they are not the same. The question of religion is often troubling for the beginning student.

The opposite is the case with a left-handed person. Each Step builds upon what precedes it.

Franz Bardon IIH: Results? – Esoteric and Occult Discussion – The Dao Bums

I advise that, if possible, the beginner devote at least an hour first thing in the morning and an hour each evening before going to sleep. By breaking my addiction down into its component parts, the assignment of the parts to the Elements was made relatively easy.

Bardon speaks of the Quadrapolar Magnet throughout his books but still, many readers have difficulty with the basic concept, especially those who are not familiar with a Hermetic diagram known as the “Cross of Equated Forces” CEF.