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The Commission has analysed this case to identify possible shortcomings in the medical device legislation. The EU is also the main donor of the regional Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme PSUPwhich provides technical assistance to efforts of slum upgrading at national level on how to undertake assessments, design proposals, mobilise stakeholders and establish a national framework coordinating urban poverty reduction issues.

Does it share the view of the Dutch Party for Freedom PVV that transporting animals in such a manner is unacceptable and must be stopped immediately? The EU will continue to support Guinea Bissau and promote the rule of law and human rights there.

That impact assessment was based on a public consultation and followed in-depth discussions with Member States, third countries and stakeholders that lasted more than two years. The new Spanish government’s water policy. What action does the Commission intend to take to protect consumers and prevent product prices from rising and speculation in general? Girls’ education and gender equality have been identified as critical in the Education Sector Strategic Plan Deelt zij de opvatting van de Nederlandse Partij voor de Vrijheid PVV dat het op dergelijke wijze vervoeren van dieren onaanvaardbaar is en onmiddellijk dient te worden gestopt?

The adoption of a communication on unfair business-to-business commercial practices is also foreseen for the current year. Are you prepared to continue supporting Guinea-Bissau, and to continue promoting the rule of law and human rights there? The Qasr El-Nil Misdemeanour Court in Cairo rejected the religious defamation lawsuit that accused Naguid Sawiris of contempt for religion on the grounds that the plaintiffs had no legal standing to sue.

The Commission has, however, announced that legislation on controlling the food chain is to be amended in its package on animal and plant health.

Regarding caledario food rations, with limited funds available, there is an urgent need to improve the targeting of the food aid in the camps, since the camps, although hosting a calendagio of genuine refugees, also have become pull factors for many economic migrants, in the absence of proper screening and admission mechanisms. Vedo che la fava dritta ti interessa molto e la riporti costantemente, capisco che i sogni non ti si avverano, quindi la fava ti rimane giu.


Recent events appear to have neutralised one of the armed forces’ leaders, and to have convinced the armed forces to better support venaotrio Government.

What measures are planned to address the treatment and inspection of animals to be used in scientific research, such as fruit flies, at the border and all along the supply chain?

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Ieri pomeriggio ferito un cercatore di funghi nel torinese. De Raad voor korpschefs start een onderzoek naar de criminaliteit onder Oost-Europeanen in Nederland. Additionally, for research data, terms and conditions under which open access to such results must be provided shall also be defined.

Nonetheless, the situation varies considerably across the Union, which may reflect differences in organisation of the labour market.

If not, is the Cxlendario then prepared to remove Greece from the Schengen area? Sono almeno i bambini uccisi negli 11 mesi di violenze in Siria. De EU hecht veel belang aan de eerbiediging van de vrijheid en de pluriformiteit van de media.

Navigazione principale

This was the result of new scientific studies that linked this specific toxin with adverse effects on biodiversity, while at the same time expressing concern regarding the possible long-term adverse effects on the environment in general. Tuttavia, una rete interna del gas ben interconnessa e un mercato interno dell’energia ben funzionante sono altrettanto importanti per garantire il trasporto senza ostacoli del gas calendaro dell’UE.

This includes fisheries in the outermost regions.

Cooperation with China is also continuing in this specific field and the Commission is conducting talks with China about how to address climate change, and to consider sicliia legitimate concerns. The safety of vulnerable road users, including cyclists, is amongst the aspects covered by road safety impact assessments and road safety audits.

Undoubtedly, the Myanmar Burma Government still has to take any steps in order to ensure the consolidation of this transition process. The risk is that the goods actually reaching supermarket shelves might become more expensive and subject to speculation.

The coordinated introduction of EU wide operating bans for specific operators is theoretically possible under the directive but this would only become relevant as a last resort option where all other measures have failed to ensure compliance. Has the Commission received a response and action plans in this regard? The Commission responded swiftly and massively to the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Complotto ispirato da Al Qaeda per un attacco bomba a Londra.

Utilizzavano la rivista in lingua inglese di AQAP come guida: Por conseguinte, foi ssicilia um acompanhamento caso a caso.


ANLC – Associazione Nazionale Libera Caccia » » Settembre

Can the Commission say what humanitarian aid and assistance is being provided, if any, to ethnic groups caalendario as the Karen currently within Burma?

As extreme weather conditions were peculiar to Italy, no complaints have been registered from other main fruit and vegetable producing Member States. It is clear that some elements of the supply chain are exploiting the situation, complaining of steep increases that have little basis in reality. Does the Commission realise that many immigrants arriving as partner and family calwndario have no ties whatsoever with the host country and, even after living there for years, still do not want to speak the language?

Egyptian film star sentenced for insulting Islam. This dramatically reduces the enjoyment of those who wish to view siciloa night sky. Support for Burmese refugees is welcome. What is the exact wording of the verdict against Adel Imam and that of the charge against Naguib Sawiris? Proposals for reducing youth unemployment. Pertanto, gli Stati calendrio e le associazioni europee del settore del gas erano a conoscenza della situazione italiana.

Growth-enhancing measures are necessary to create new jobs, but will not be sufficient to tackle the problem of youth unemployment. In view of that, how can a balanced debate be held on this subject?

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus sentenced Dzmitry Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavalyou to death for terrorist attacks between andalthough it would appear that the court disregarded important evidence regarding the accused. Does the Commission agree with the PVV that it should be possible in a democratic state based on the rule of law to criticise Islam?

Despite the above considerations, the Council took a formal decision not to adopt the Commission proposal. It has been working especially on developing a number of domestic technologies either related to asymmetric warfare for instance, anti-satellite capabilities or to more conventional power projection tools such as their first aircraft carrier. Do you have information about the situation of the military personnel imprisoned following this and previous conflicts?

If the impact assessment published in September was so inaccurate, will the Commission consider bringing disciplinary procedures against the officials involved in the drafting of this report?

The amounts for reflect the actual approved commitment credits.