Fortún ibn Qasi, valí de Zaragoza. His parentage is confirmed by Al-Udri when he names his descendant “Muhammad ibn Lubb ibn Muhammad ibn Musa ibn Musa ibn Fortun ibn Garsiya”[]. Birth of Musa I ibn Fortún, valì de Zaragoza, Arnedo. Alberto Cañada conoce como nadie este linaje y dice acertadamente que desconocer la historia de esta familia – los Banu Qasi – es ignorar dos siglos de. Discover the family tree of Lopo ibn Musa ibn Musa Banu Qasi for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry.

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Count Cassius

This last patronymic may simply be an error for ibn Qasi son of Cassiusor may suggest that Ibn Hazm has dropped a generation, Garshiya, between Cassius and Furtun in his account qqasi the senior line. Navarra en la Corte de Nerac. While Musa had been orphaned at an early age, his military activity may have begun in the s, and the Banu Qasi possibly Musa himself most probably participated in the second battle of the pass of Roncevaux along with their relatives of Pamplona, [16] an event leading to the establishment of the kingdom of Pamplona.

La Casa de Beaumont y los “beamonteses”. In the following internecine squabbles, Furtun’s four sons were killed and Isma’il ibn Musa was forced to retreat to Monzon. Salazar y Acha, Jaime de Las infantas Blanca y Leonor de Navarra. Use dmy dates from July Articles containing Arabic-language text CS1 Spanish-language sources es Spain articles missing geocoordinate data All articles needing coordinates. This biographical article about a person notable in connection with Islam is a stub.

The following men qaso the documented leaders of the Banu Qasi entries in italics are of uncertain affiliation to the family:. Arab sources describe Abd Allah’s rear-guard action at Qxsi as a victory, but if so it was only a tactical victory and he immediately retreated south.


The immediate response of emir Muhammad was to try to limit the expansion of the Banu Qasi by installing a rival dynasty, the Arab Banu Tujibiin Calatayud, the one part of their father’s possessions not reclaimed.

Musa repeatedly submitted, only to rise again. No fue ni lo uno ni lo otro. Over the next decade, following the deaths of his father and two uncles, Muhammad ibn Lubb ibn Qasi maneuvered to become the leader of the bany.

Clavijo, la segunda batalla de Albelda. Los Condes de Foix reyes de Navarra. Views Read Edit View history. The earlier hostage-taking done by all parties, greatly complicated such situation. The Quest for El Cid. A History of Islamic Spain. Muslim Spain and Portugal: This threat neutralized, Lubb turned toward Pallarsravaging the lands, killing hundreds and taking a thousand captives, including IsarnCount Raymond’s son, who was kept in Tudela for a decade before being freed.

Articles containing Spanish-language text Articles containing Arabic-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April All stub articles. The only bright spot for the family in this period happened in the east. La derrota de Musa es definitiva en Clavijo.

Category:Banu Qasi – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Montgomery Watt, William; Cachia, Pierre The Victors and the Vanquished: Muhammad’s son, Lubb ibn Muhammad ibn Qasiwas born inand was already active at the time of his father’s death. All Muslim authors make them to appear descending from the Visigothic Count Cassius, whose name, as well as those of many of his descendants, is Latin: They fell out and Ibn Qasi was assassinated in by his own men.

Auge del influjo de Navarra en el siglo XI. This page was last edited on 1 Julyat Fouracre, Paul; McKitterick, Rosamond; et al.

The Banu Qasi dynasty descended from Fortun, the eldest son; the second son may have been the Abu Taur of Huesca who invited Charlemagne to Zaragoza in ; and the Banu Salamaa family that ruled Huesca and Barbitanya Barbastro in the late tenth century, may have descended from Abu Salama.


Musa ibn Musa ibn Qasi. Isma’il died shortly thereafter, inand al-Tawil and Muhammad ibn Lubb each took their case to emir Abd Allah for possession of Isma’il’s lands, the emir confirming the succession of Muhammad ibn Lubb. University of California Press.

Lubb would relent, forgiving the remaining debt and returning the hostages except Sayyida, whom he married.

Category:Banu Qasi

There followed a period of relative peace and collaboration between Muhammad ibn Lubb and al-Tawil. La Casa de los Navarra y los “agramonteses”.

The Umayyads of Cordova sanctioned the rule of the Banu Qasi and repeatedly granted them autonomy by appointing them as governors, only to replace them as they expressed too much independence, or launch punitive military expeditions into the region. Hashim himself held a son of Isma’il ibn Musaand he sent his captive and other gifts to Alfonso in return for his son.

He sent his brother Mutarrif, who was proclaimed their Amir.

Carlos III el Noble. University of Pennsylvania Press. Sus descendientes Qasi fueron desde entonces alcanzando notoriedad y poder en la Qazi Superior. The Tujibids finally broke the siege of Zaragoza and captured Ejea. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: Christians and Muslims of the Ebro Valley eleventh to thirteenth centuries.

Los Banu Qasi del Valle del Ebro. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Besides the Arab sources, Musa ibn Musa is mentioned in three Latin texts: This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat