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It is here that she opens her womb to give birth to the darkness and evil that haunts and threatens the world of man. She had the chance, but she chose submission to the negative masculinity of God and Adam. She is the one who establishes the rules of the game and the Free Will. She is also the Hindu goddess Kali and the Nordic goddess Hel. Twoj mozg jest Bogiem Timothy Leary. The Night Hag is also a guide who gives advice on what to do and what not in the most important events of life.

In Malkuth, she is the power behind every temptation and sin, and in Gamaliel she reveals herself as the initiatrix into the mysteries of sex and death. The innate spark of the black flame pulses and calls if one is but willing to listen and to command. These creatures resemble the black-haired, shabby and decayed skeletons that haunt us in the worst of nightmares. Go to your ritual chamber or forest. Spill your blood on the seal and chant 1 1 times: This is important because it establishes a context from which to work, and when keeping in mind that Pythagoras brought the idea of the elements corresponding to directions to Greece from Babylon, we get a picture painted of structure to this subject.

Those who are not ready to pass the tests that await on the Realms of the Black Moon, will be the victims of these demons. Thereto necromancy is operated through the qlipha Gamaliel, where Lilith rules.

It was Eve, after all, who condemned mankind to bear the mark of the original sin, an evil that religious people strive to repair. Love is our law, and the law of the strong Willing us time to perfect our formula And birth the magickal child ren XI.


Many people tend to identify themselves with their persona so much, that they believe that it is their whole personality. The rituals made under the energy and invocations are related to astral defense, and offensive vampirism. To re discover the mysteries of the feminine, so modern human beings may reach a state of spiritual wholeness, we must dare to explore the dark dimensions of our being.

This would make Lilith the mother of beasts in the qlippoth, and thus her rank among them would be elevated to that above simply the sphere of Malkuth. This is a natural fit for her, as there are cold mother aspects to her and to this sphere. Next, both must stand in front of the mirror and take the robes off, getting completely naked.

Full text of “Chaos Gnostic “

Tearing through the realm of Yetzirah, splitting asunder the Briatic impulse and creating a fiery rainbow of intense permeation which thereafter becomes obliterated in the shimmering Black Light. The ritual should be start ewamgelia a intense kiss between them, and slowly get more intense until they get in the sexual act.

She is associated with wind demons, and her king is Bagdana. Ho Drakon, Ho Me gas! I transform into a Dragon and I rise with you beyond the Eden! Through much meditation and ritual practice a connection may be developed.

Once inside, you realize you are in some kind of underground labyrinth. That would mean that other qabalistic writers are wrong, and that what the King James translation was telling us was that she was the serpent on the qlippothic tree czarownicc life, rather than tied to a particular Sephiroth.

I am willing to leave the Paradise, and to search for my True God!

Współczesne czarownictwo

There is no God but me! Fully integrated into the Demiurgic Trinity, Jesus Christ is able to serve the machinations of the Serpent by possessing both the divine reality as well as the reality of all who follow him in faith.


And put the Dream Catcher near your bed, and before sleep say a small prayer for Lilith, the Young. Czeslaw Czynski Czarny adept Zbigniew Lagosz. Shall you reveal the hidden Moon, which acts as a door for such sight and beauty?

Mankind still remains in this deplorable state today. Lilith is concealed within all these words and from them She emerges in her ruby- black- white Wholeness. She comes like a compressed Sirocco, twisting and writhing as she lets loose the threads to bind. The next step on the path of inner power of femininity is omniscience that does not belong to the mother but to the crone -The Night Hag. Lurkers in the void, we have found each other Two specters of shadow reaching for the light We dance and intertwine, becoming The sensation of a growing paranoia, the rising of the heartbeats that end up in a soft cardiac arrhythmia that prevents to achieve rest, the subtle touch in the bed surface; all are preambles of the near arrive of Lilith, who made delicious use of terror and expectation as a mean to produce the needed altered state to witness her form and be taken afterwards by the dark snake to the oniric plane.

You get to the end of the narrow tunnel and you find yourself in a big chamber. In order to obtain the Gnosis of her fiery wisdom many trials must be conquered.

Just as the Sephirah of Yesod opens the gate of Malkuth in Yetzirah the Qliphothic Shell of Lilit in some occult circles opens up the Gate to the Kingdom of Chaos through Nahemoth; in other circles it is the Qliphothic Shell of Gamaliel where Lilith dwells and guards the initiatory gate past the threshold into the other worlds.